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corinne guillot

I have been at the head of the family estate since 2001, my only goal is to let nature express itself through my wines. I make terroir and local wine, and we harvest grapes when they are ripe, with our own hands.







jean pilippe guillt

As a passionate winemaker for more than thirty years, every vintage is a delight to me. Because of the complexity of climate, which changes each passing year, I have to adapt myself to nature’s whims. If we respect it, it always gives us the opportunity to create an authentic wine. I am only transferring what nature and terroir gives us.






Authenticity – Terroir – Traditions


Winter is core in our process : it provides guidance for the next harvest, because cutting is a tough chore, but remains the most important operation of the whole process.



Spring. After we made it through the freezing cold, we now have to get some work done, with building our bindings and fences for the grapevines. In case you were wondering, we use reasonable treatments and weeding only after products are being cultivated.



A high-clearance tractor seems necessary…

vigne 1


Summer. The season the grape grows.

vigne 3


At the end of the summer, and beginning of autumn, an excellent harvest is announced, since storms haven’t turned into hail.

vigne 2




vigne 4

September, the grape picking month. Work must be now completed in order to launch the expected manual harvesting ! You can witness leaves turn into a noticeable gold color, because they give the grapes all the sugar given by the sun.



vigne 5       employer 1


A courageous and dedicated working force is required to perform this important task…

vandage 1       vandange 2


And a qualitative sorting…

employer 2


We proceed a typical and authentic wine making. For example, we prefer to use barefoot treading.



But tradition is not exempted from dealing with new technologies. Our pneumatic press has every benefit of our parents’ old wine press, while adding hygiene and speed.

   cave 1        cave 2


Farming is proceeded in tanks, but sometimes we use barrels for specific wines.

bouteille 4



We carry out filtration operations, bottle filling, design and packaging.

bouteille 1                     bouteille 2bouteille 3



plance liege       bouchon liege

    Cork sheet                                     Corks’ manual sorting



We consider the choice of our dry materials to be very important. That is why we went to see our cork manufacturer in Portugal, in order to find the most suitable cork for our wines. 

sotck 1     sotck 2    


We need a lot of free space in our cells to stock the wine.


The most rewarding thing for a wine maker is to sell his wine well, it is thus the recognition of a good-quality work.

sotck 3 

Ready for delivery




Developing our commercial activity while keeping the human part is something Corinne and I care about. Meeting the final consumer is always a real pleasure.


We provide, amongst others :

salon 1     salon 2

      MARCOUSSIS/ FFR                                   GEOFFROY  GUICHARD  


salon 3





In both of our shops, we like to welcome you :  

boutique 1            boutique 2




boutique 3         boutique 4

CLICHY LA GARENNE                                     and its art gallery


In each of our tasting cellars, everything ends up in a French folk melody…

boutique 6                   boutique 7



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